Uproar over tragic police shooting of autistic teen in Nakuru

Tragic Police Shooting of Autistic Teen in Nakuru during the anti Finance Bill 2024 protests has seen uproar among human rights defenders.

While condemning the incident, the human rights defenders have called for justice towards the family.

Human Rights Defender David Karani who is also the Chairperson of Parents with special needs said the incident was unfortunate.

“With a heavy heart, I must share the tragic news of a police shooting during the ongoing finance bill 2024 demonstrations in Nakuru, Kenya, which claimed the life of a 17-year-old autistic young man,” he said.

Karani added that this senseless act of violence has devastated the family and the community.
The young man, known for his kind spirit and resilience, was caught in the midst of a crowd when the police opened fire.

According to Karani, the law enforcement officers need urgent training on how to deal with vulnerable.

“This tragic event highlights the urgent need for better training and protocols for law enforcement when dealing with vulnerable individuals, particularly those with disabilities,” he said.
Meanwhile, the human rights defender has called for a thorough investigation into this incident and justice for the young man and his family.

He added that it is crucial to raise awareness and demand changes to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

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