Nakuru Tourist Attraction Sites

Lord Egerton Castle, Ngata

There are plenty of tourist attraction sites in Nakuru. For any foreign or local tourist coming to Nakuru, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Away from the famous and known attraction sites, there are plenty of other lesser-known tourist attraction sites in Nakuru.

When talking of Nakuru attraction sites, Lake Nakuru National Park comes to mind. This is the most famous tourist destination in Nakuru attracting thousands of foreign and local visitors every year.

Although it’s most famous for flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is home to hundreds of other bird species.

It is also home to different wild animals that roam the park. Some of the animals a visitor is likely to see at the park include baboons, white and black rhino, buffalos, giraffes and zebras among many others.

Another popular destination in Nakuru is Menengai crater. The dormant caldera is 99sq KM wide, and 485 meters deep. Currently, it is being used for the production of geothermal power.

Select Nakuru Tourist Attraction Sites

  1. Hyrax Hill prehistoric site and museum
  2. Lord Egerton Castle, Ngata
  3. Subukia Marian shrine
  4. Lake Elementaita
  5. Njoro caves
  6. Kariandusi Museum
  7. Kigio Conservancy
  8. Crescent Island in Lake Naivasha
  9. Kimenderit Hill
  10. Longonot
  11. Sleeping Warrior also colloquially known as Delamare’s Nose due to its distinctive shape
  12. Ceder Lodge (Dundori Falls)

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