Teret Community Ground to Revitalize Sports in Mauche Ward

The rehabilitation of the Teret Community ground in Mauche Ward, Njoro Sub-county, is expected to bring new life to Teret Center, offering the youth a constructive outlet and revitalizing the town’s economy.

The 8-acre ground which is currently being levelled using the County Government of Nakuru equipment was recently repossesed from grabbers. This Thursday, the Chief Officer for Infrastructure Samwel Ndegwa and Martin Gichinga visited the ground to inspect the ongoing work and also interact with the community. This effort aims to restore the ground’s former glory as a hub for sports and community gatherings, and particularly its historic role in producing notable athletes who have represented Kenya both locally and internationally. The revitalized ground will now serve as a venue for football, volleyball, athletics, and community meetings.

Youths at Teret Community ground
Youths at Teret Community ground

The rehabilitation of the Teret ground is set to rejuvenate the area, providing a vital space for the youth and the broader community.

During the visit, several community members, including youth leaders, chiefs, and elders, expressed their gratitude and shared their thoughts. Gilbert Kimutai, Captain of Teret FC, voiced his appreciation to the Governor for the development efforts, encouraging the youth to fully utilize the renewed facilities. Similar sentiments were echoed by Amos Chirchir who emphasized the need for fencing and providing washrooms to complement the sports ground, underlining the importance of encouraging youth participation. Coach Eric Rono of Teret FC noted that the ground brings together youth from Kihingo, Nessuit, Mauche, and Mau Narok wards, fostering unity and sportsmanship.

Elders introduced by Mzee Kirui Samuel, a Nakuru County peace elder, also shared their perspectives. They thanked Governor Susan Kihika for her decisive action and highlighted the ground’s role in maintaining peace within the community.

Phillip Tonui recounted the historical significance of Teret, noting that the Governor’s father, the late Hon. Dixon Kihika, opened the first school in the area.

“Teret secondary was the first school in our area courtesy of Mzee Kihika Kimani. Teret secondary, was initially known as Kihika secondary but the late MP proposed that we change the name to Teret secondary,” revealed Mr. Tonui.

Chief Miriam Kittilit requested that the Governor to also assist in levelling the grounds at Teret High and Teret primary schools. She also took time to reminisce about her time as an assistant chief during Dixon Kihika’s tenure as MP.

Chief Officer Samwel Ndegwa, assured the community that the ground would be equipped with necessary amenities such as proper drainage to prevent flooding while Martin Gichinga revealed that the office of the Governor would avail a few sets of sports jerseys to the players.

The development of Teret playing ground is part of a broader initiative to enhance sporting facilities in Nakuru County. It stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration and the commitment of Nakuru County’s leadership to foster development and unity among its residents.

Area MCA Moses Koros praised the team led by Kitur and Kirui for their efforts in spearheading the reclamation of the ground. He also mentioned the ongoing and future infrastructure projects, including the road from Teret to Cutline, which had been temporarily halted due to rains.

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