Shabab locals want security beefed up

A section of residents of Shabab Ward in Nakuru West Sub county are now calling on government to carry out operation against illegal firearms in the area.
While condemning the Monday night incident in which an Mpesa Businesswoman was shot by unknown people at her shop along Isiolo Road, the locals said security should be beefed up in the area.
The businesswoman was shot while at her Mpesa shop and died while being rushed to hospital.
They called for speedy investigations into the issue.
Led by Hezron Okiki, they said the incident is a clear indicator that some illegal firearms are in the area hence a risk to the lives of individuals.
Okiki also called out on area MP to ensure issues of insecurity in the area are addressed.
“Security is key and that is why we are calling in the leadership of this constituency to ensure that. We cannot continue to have lives lost. Let even the county government move with speed and ensure street lights in this area,” he said.
He also told off parents who might be  hindering the war on criminal activities.
According to him, parents should be aware of the activities their sons are involved in.
The opinion leader said a time has come that a mop up be carried out to ensure that all children are in school.
This, he said will go a long way in ensuring no young people is involved in criminal activities.
“As a parent, you need to know what your children are engaging in,” he stated.
Sentiments echoed by Evans Nado from Shabab Bunge la Mwananchi.
He noted that rising cases of criminal activities in Shabab is becoming a worrying trend that should be looked at

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