Ruto: Innovative strategies will help combat threats

President William Ruto has asked the Kenya Defence Forces to develop more efficient ways of tackling the country’s security threats.

Speaking on Friday May 31,2024, during the Cadets Commissioning Parade at the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, he asked the cadets to leverage technology, foster community engagement, and implement targeted interventions.

The President noted that the country continues to face threats including terrorism, transnational organised crime, cybersecurity threats, the security-related impacts of climate change, banditry, and cattle rustling.

He explained that these challenges pose serious threats to the safety and security of citizens and undermine economic development and national stability.

“The country looks to you, the Kenyan contingent in this cohort, as future leaders of the KDF, to be at the forefront of devising imaginative and efficient strategies to combat these threats effectively,” he said.

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