Revenue collected from liquor should be channeled to rehabilitation- Mututho

The county Governments as well as National Government should ensure that all revenue collected from liquor is used in rehabilitating Alcohol addicts.

Former NACADA Boss John Mututho says according to the Alcohol laws, all revenue collected from legal liquor Businesses should be maximized in rehabilitation centers.

This he says will go a long way in addressing alcohol and drug addiction in the country.

Mututho who is the Founder of John Mututho Empowerment Centre (JOMEC)- a high class Rehabilitation Centre for drugs and alcohol addicts, says there should be concerted effort in helping reform drugs and substance abuse in the country.

“Alcohol and drug abuse is a menace in this country and should be addressed through ensuring resources to rehabilitation centres,” he said.

Mututho adds that Kenya has good laws which when implemented can save a generation.

“A time has come for laws to be implemented,” he said.

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