Nakuru International College receives Prestigious Global School Alliance Award

Nakuru International College has received the prestigious Global School Award from the Global School Alliance.

The College, one of its kind in Nakuru has achieved a Bronze Level Global School Award.

The certificate Award.PHOTO/COURTESY.

According to Thomas Camilleri, the Founder Global School Alliance, the Award is awarded July, 2024.

On her part, Nakuru International College Principal Sharon Bowen welcomed the Award with great joy.

“Joining the Global School Alliance marks a significant milestone for Nakuru International College. It is an incredible opportunity to elevate our educational standards, foster international collaboration, and provide our students with a transformative learning experience,” she said.

Some of the students of the students at Nakuru International College.PHOTO/COURTESY.

According to the Institution, the Award brings a multitude of benefits for students, teachers, and the entire college community.

Since opening doors in Nakuru at Larvan Paradise Building, Nakuru International College has created an atmosphere where students are exposed to global culture and experience – an important success factor for their careers.

At the Institution, learners are introduced to a range of tasks designed to orient their thinking outside their own world and to consider the perspectives of others, which in turn provide challenges that sharpen their critical and creative thinking, and team-working skills.

According to the Principal, Nakuru International College has always engaged in developing an international
approach and instilling a global mindset in students.

This, she says is reflected in both the
makeup of teaching staff, many of whom come from various different countries, as well as teaching a curriculum designed to help students learn about other cultures and societies while.

“While a number of the students body are themselves, international students, our students from the local area are provided with the opportunity to interact with others from as different cultural backgrounds as Europe, America, China and India,” said Ms Bowen.

In addition, students at the Institution are used to being presented with a range of tasks designed to orient their thinking outside of their own world and to consider the perspectives of others, which in turn provide challenges that sharpen their critical and creative
thinking, as well as team-working skills.

Nakuru International College Principal points out that a global education is important because it has opened their eyes to the reality of being part of
bigger system that can be an active actor in it.

“To our college, it has enabled our students to develop an appreciation for the world as it exposes students to different cultures and disciplines.

The Global School Alliance will support the teaching staff and the school with a multitude of professional development
opportunities, such as international workshops and teaching fellowships amongst schools around the world.

Through the recognition, the Institution will gain a global perspective, encouraging a broader understanding of the world as well as promote inclusivity and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Ms Bowen added that the recognition will also showcase commitment to global education and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Moving forward, she says Students and staff will enjoy learning and teaching as they participate in global classroom
activities. They are also more likely to develop a lifelong love of learning and teaching, which is critical for future success.

Nakuru International College will also continue to develop international work through advanced Technology that leads to interconnectedness impacting on many aspects of life, including
education and career plans.

“Our international work plan is to engage and expose our students to global culture and experience, which is important success factor for their careers. Not surprisingly, it is advisable to gain this international exposure as early as possible as it will instill a sense of responsibility and awareness towards global issues as we prepare our students for the global stage,” stated NIC Principal.


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