Nakuru County Action Plan on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism taking shape

Nakuru County Action Plan on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism(PCVE) is taking shape.

This follows the move by the Nakuru County Engagement Forum (CEF) on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) to validate its Objectives Key Results (OKR) and the Nakuru County Action Plan on PCVE.

In a forum facilitated by MIDRIFT HURINET and National Counter Terrorism Centre – Kenya, the CEF pillars, among other activities, agreed on;

1. Media Pillar

a. Media Council of Kenya -Nakuru Chapter to train journalists, content creators, and bloggers on conflict-sensitive reporting
b. Radio Yetu committed to having a program on PCVE air every Thursday with Positive Alternative Narratives being reinforced.
c. MBCI RADIO to continue mainstreaming PCVE on its programming.

2. Ideological pillar to continue mainstreaming alternative positive narratives on PCVE in their different places of worship.

3. Psychosocial pillar to work closely with Mental Health stakeholders and create awareness of the nexus between PCVE and Mental Health.

4. Economic Pillar to strengthen youths through income-generating activities and available empowerment funds & grants they can leverage to reduce economic vulnerabilities.

5. Law enforcement pillar to complement performance contracting element on PCVE among National Government Administrative Officers – NGAOS by sensitizing Court Officers, Sub County and Ward administrators, village, and peace committees on PCVE while reinforcing Positive Alternative Narratives on PCVE in the Chiefs Baraza’s.

6. The Education Pillar will work closely with Teachers to teach a positive value system to pupils and students by sensitizing them on habit formation, identity, and peer pressure while sharing knowledge and information on PCVE with teachers

The meeting also saw CEF sensitized on PCVE & Do no harm principle by National Counter Terrorism Centre – Kenya.

This forum was made possible through support from Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund through Act Change Transform.


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