Mututho’s message to President Ruto over ‘Budgeted Corruption’

Former NACADA boss John Mututho has faulted the 4.2 Trilion 2024/2025 national budget terming it a burden to the taxpayers.
Addressing Journalists at his John Mututho Empowerment Centre(JOMEC) on Monday, Mututho said the budget as it is now is unrealistic.
While noting budgeted corruption within the national budget, Mututho called on Kenya Kwanza Government to work on addressing corruption.
“I want to say without any hesitation, the 4.2 Trilion includes budgeted corruption and this has to be dealt with,” he said.
In his advise to the government, Mututho said in order to fully address the corruption issue,  Institutions such as Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Office of Director of Public Prosecution and Judiciary should be revamped through good budget.
This, he said will enable the Institutions play their role in dealing with corrupt individuals within and without the government.
“Each and every day Kenyans lose about 2 Billion shillings to corruption which translates to 730 billion shillings a year. If we can address this budgeted corruption then we can avoid overtaxation on basic commodities.
According to Mututho, inorder to end budgeted corruption, the DCI should be apportioned about 20 Billion shillings to help nab all the corrupt cartels and those looting public funds.
He added that ODPP should be apportioned about 7.5 billion shillings to ODPP for effective prosecution.
“The prosecution need to prosecute and do it thoroughly and steadily,” he said.
On Judiciary, Mututho wants a budget of 7.5 billion shillings allocated to Judiciary to enable them run a 24 hour clock court system.
Meanwhile, the former Naivasha MP has also lauded the Generation Zee for the peaceful demonstrations held across the country over Finance Bill.
He said they should be rewarded by being allowed to form the Ombudsman and help them report the cases on corruption.
“Gen zee can help greatly in ensuring a better society. Nobody should kill the process they have commenced. With this simple budget, then we don’t need the many pages,” he said.
He told off the government for taxing sanitary pads and other essentials such as land.
According to him, the sanitary pads should be zero-taxed.
Mututho who once sat in the Agriculture Committee in National Assembly says Kenya can be able to produce enough.
He says land should not be taxed as it will raise the cost of production.
The former Lawmaker called on government to ensure revival of projects that are viable.
While noting the failed Galana Kulalu project, Mututho revealed that the project failed because of corrupt individuals.
“The project would have helped in lowering the price of maize flour but because of corruption it failed,” he said.
On matters education, Mututho faulted the current competence Based Curriculum.
According to him, it is a wearied system and he proposes Digital Competence Curriculum.
Mututho who is also the Founder Chairman of Computer for Schools Kenya, says the Generation Zee should be brought on board on matters digitization of education.
“I dream of a day when no learner will carry textbooks in this country as we shall have shifted to digital learning,” said Mututho.

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