MP Gikaria ‘TM’ eats a humble pie as he apologizes to Constituents for voting YES to Finance Bill 2024

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria has apologized to his Constituents for voting in favour of the Finance Bill 2024.

Gikaria just like the Biblical David who was courageous to kill Goliath using a sling, took the bold step of apologizing to his Constituents after realizing he had made a move against their wish.

Taking to his social media platforms, the third term serving MP in Parliament wrote, ” I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR NOT LISTENING TO YOU IN REJECTING FINANCE BILL.”

It will be recalled that two days before the voting day, Gikaria spoke during consecration of New Bishop for ACK Nakuru Diocese and vowed to seek devine guidance from Subukia Shrine before making his mind.

And when it came to voting, the Lawmaker went against the wish of the people and tore the line of the UDA party that sponsored him to Parliament.

However, his recent apology has been termed by Political pundits as a noble move towards safeguarding his long political career from the days he served as Councilor and even Mayor Nakuru.

“It takes a brave person to take suchlike a stance so guys cut him some slack there…he’s being honest.To me he’s sincerely apologetic to the electorate and… what else should he do to placate the masses⁉️,” stated social media guru Elijah Kinyanjui.
According to Kinyanjui who is a Nakuru based blogger and political analyst, the bold step that Gikaria took calls for braveness and sacrifice just like the Biblical David.
He was however quick to point out that the move is not a ticket to his possible re-election.
This, even as there are whispers that the Lawmaker might be going for a higher seat probably Senatorial, though he has personally not come out public on the ambition.
Gikaria becomes the first of the 11 Nakuru MPs to apologize to Constituents for the decision they took in Finance Bill.
It should be noted that all the MPs from Nakuru apart from Bahati’s Irene Njoki who was absent, voted YES.

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