Meet Youthful Administrator with passion for literature

When the name Assistant County Commissioner is mentioned, many Kenyans will always relate them with the famous District Officers as it were before the promulgation of Constitution of Kenya 2010.

A position that is always associated with the administrative roles.

The roles are so demanding that no one will think of such officers engaging in other activities other than their outlined duties.

However, one Administrator has caught the eyes of many Kenyans.


Rehema Kiteto – Kenya’s youngest administrator who has launched a book ‘DARING’.

Currently serving as Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) of Bomet Central in Bomet County, the youthful administrator believes that life is what you make it to be.

The Book features her story as a girl growing up in remote areas but had dreams chased and pursued.

This, a testimony and clear inspiration to many girls.

As the youngest appointee to the ACC position, Rehema encourages Girls, Young Women and Youths to dare to dream and have their voices heard.

Through her book,  she tells the story of transformative change of a girl from a marginalized community who dared to dream and achieve despite challenges experienced along the way.

Originally from the arid region, her journey is one of resilience, perseverance and determination.

Despite her youthfulness, she commands respect at official government events, showcasing her leadership prowess and professionalism.

Raised in a humble background and from the hardship areas of Kenya, she pursued her education relentlessly, graduating from Egerton University in Njoro, Nakuru with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and English Literature.

Rehema’s leadership journey began early in her life, serving as a dormitory prefect and later a class representative.

Her knack for leadership and empathy led her to various roles, including a stint as a print journalist and later as a Kazi Mtaani Supervisor in Kwale County of former Coast Province.

Although her aspirations initially led her to politics, encountering challenges and personal reasons prompted her to pivot towards Public Administration.

Despite lacking the typical experience expected for such a role, she applied for the position of Assistant County Commissioner and succeeded, surprising many and defying all odds.

In her current role, Rehema oversees the administration, serves as a liaison between the community and the government in Bomet County, and mentors young people through her organization, Samburu Hands of Compassion in Kwale County.

Her dedication to Public Service earned her recognition as one of the outstanding women in Kwale County and beyond.

Beyond her official duties, Rehema is also an author, contributing to children’s literature with her book, “Hell in The Backyard and Other Stories and now “DARING”.


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