Kihika Kimani sworn in as MP, 1974

Kihika Kimani being sworn in as MP in 1974

Hon. Dixon Kihika Kimani being sworn as MP representing Bahati North in November 1974. Kihika Kimani had been elected on a KANU ticket and served until 1979. He, however, was to leave KANU after Moi took over as president saying he “found it rough.”

The 1974 elections had been on 14 October 1974. Kenya was a de facto one-party state at that time with the Kenya African National Union (KANU) being the only political party to participate in the election.

Kihika Kimani being sworn in as MP in 1974
Kihika Kimani being sworn in as MP for Nakuru North on November 6 1974

Having joined the Democratic Party (DP) led by former president Mwai Kibaki, he was reelected in 1992 to represent the people of Laikipia West Constituency.

He was elected for his final term in 1997 this time in Molo Constituency. He died in 2004.

The late Kihika Kimani is the father of the second Nakuru County Senator, Hon. Susan Kihika. He holds a record of having been elected in three different constituencies.