Health CECM Mungai: We’re committed to better healthcare system

The county government of Nakuru under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika is committed towards improving healthcare sector.

This, the county says will go along way in ensuring better and healthy human resource hence improved service delivery.

At the ongoing Nakuru National Agricultural Show, the County Department of Health is showcasing the integration of health with agricultural advancements and public health initiatives.

County Chief Executive Committee Member for Health Roselyn Mungai has invited visitors to the health stand to explore a variety of health initiatives.

Among the areas of exhibition is the newly launched Public Health food laboratory.

According to the CECM, this is a highlight, showcasing vital tests including aflatoxin detection in crops, milk quality checks, and water quality analysis to ensure food safety and public health.

CECM Mungai was speaking on Wednesday July 3, 2024 when she visited the Department of Health stand, emphasizing the Department’s commitment to implementing the Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto.

“Our presence at this show is all about demonstrating how we are delivering on the Governor’s promises to the people of Nakuru,” said Ms. Mungai.

The CECM urged the community to take advantage of complimentary health check-ups, educational sessions, and consultations at the health stand, highlighting the Department’s dedication to delivering essential health services and promoting the well-being of the community through innovative health and agricultural initiatives.

The CECM was accompanied by Martin Gicinga from the Governor’s office who reiterated the same.

Chief Officer for Medical Services, Dr. John Murima, was also on the ground to support the team of healthcare workers conducting exhibitions ensuring that they have all the resources and encouragement needed to showcase our innovative health solutions effectively.

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