Generation Z lauded for their push for country’s economic liberation as major protest looms on Saba Saba

A section of Nakuru residents have
lauded Generation Z in the push to liberate the country from economic bondage.
The lot majority of whom were part of the fight for democracy and second liberation in the country, say whatever the young generation are doing is inorder terming it ‘economic liberation’.
A section of senior residents of Nakuru. They say Generation Z is on a mission to economically liberate Kenya PHOTO BY PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Addressing Journalists in Nakuru, the residents led by Harrison Muiruri  said multipartysim was as a result of such revolution.

According to Muiruri, second liberation was done during their youthful times.
A section of Generation Z demonstrate in Nakuru’s Kenyatta Avenue on July 2, 2024.PHOTO/COURTESY.

He encouraged Generation Z not to give up in the push for economic liberation, adding that as things stand now the economy is doing badly.

He said, Kenya has reached a point of no return and time is now to support Generation Z towards economic liberation.
Muiruri noted that even the workers are going through harsh economic times and should therefore come out in large numbers on Saba Saba in a joint march to pass a message to Government of the day.
“We are ready to join Generation Z in their push for the economic liberation and we urge all workers to join the push and have a mega march on Saba Saba Day,” he stated.
Sentiments echoed by Francis Kariuki who has been a resident of Nakuru since 1974.
He said the youth have taken the forefront in ensuring economic liberation for the country.
Kariuki just like Muiruri, called on all workers to support Generation Z on Saba Saba
“We support the Generation  Z for they have a noble course of making sure Kenya is saved from economic bondage.
Mary Kimani on her part calling on goons to stop interfering with the Generation Z.
She called on President William Ruto to put straight his house(Kenya Kwanza Government) and fight graft.
According to her, what was to be a government of the people has turned harshness to the people.
“The government should address the issue of corruption so that we can have development,” she said.
Their sentiments come barely days after Opinion leaders and unionists called on Kenyans works to join the Generation Z on July 7, 2024 for the Saba Saba mega march.
Unionist Dr.Isaac Newton Kinity.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Former Secretary General of the Kenya Civil Servants Union and Current Member of the Presidential Advisory Board of the Republican National Committee, USA Dr.Isaac Newton Kinity noted that Gen Z is being supported by the all Kenyans in their fight against corruption which has been the monster of destruction of Kenya and lives of Kenya people.

According to him, Gen Z struggles are about saving the Workers from Agony following the unbearable taxation because some of the Gen Z are workers who have been made to suffer abnormally by the regime of President William Ruto.
While appreciating Gen Z, Dr.Kinity pointed out that all the Kenyan workers are included in the Generation struggles.
“I am praying hard to see total success of Gen Z in its current struggle of liberating Kenya’s economy,” he said.
The Generation Z-led peaceful demonstrations began as a move to pass a strong message to Government over punitive Finance Bill 2024 and corruption.
Despite President William Ruto declining to sign the Bill, Generation Z maintain that the peaceful demonstrations will go on until the country is economically liberated.

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