Film on mental health dubbed ‘SHADOWS’ launched in Nakuru

As the World marks Men’s Mental Health Month in this month of June, in Nakuru City a film dubbed ‘SHADOWS’ has been launched to sensitize society on matters Mental health moreso on male gender.

The film, one of its kind in Nakuru was premiered at Hotel Emboita Nakuru on Saturday June 22, 2027.

It attracted audience from all the generations, lovers of movies who arrived adhering to the Dress Code of Black and Ivory with a touch of Gold.

‘SHADOWS’, a production of Nakuru’s Way of Peace (WAPE) Productions, is produced by Nyakwar Mucha and scripted by Jobiese Richard.

According to WAPE Executive Director Dr.Allan Waihumbu, the Film is all about mental health.

WAPE Executive Director Dr.Allan Waihumbu.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

While noting that June is the Men’s Mental Health Month, he said the launch came at the right time.

Dr.Waihumbu pointed out that the Film is informed by research that was carried out that saw that conflicts among them gender based violence and domestic issues has led to many people and families not being stable due to mental issues.

The name ‘SHADOWS’, he says this is depicted in the film through the character of a young man who at the beginning prospers but due to many issues(Shadows) he has not dealt with, then he ends up affected such that he is threatened to be sacked at the work place.

However, the film ends with hope for the young man where he is assisted and restored.

“This film aims at ending stigma on matters Mental health. We want to ensure those with mental health issues seek assistance through talks and counseling,” he said.

Dr.Waihumbu once again called out the society for the attitude and nortion that men should not cry or visit counsellor when in problems.

According to him, problems shared helps great in helping address issues avert negative end results.

“There is need to dimistify issues around the mental health issues,” he said.

He says after the launch, they look forward to showcase it in learning Institutions to help young people who might be facing some challenges that might culminate into mental health issues.

Dr.Benson Ndegwa Gakinya- a Psychiatrist with over 20 years, notes that men have not been embracing visiting to know about their mental health.

Psychiatrist Benson Gakinya during an interview.PRISTONE MAMBILI.

This, he says can be attributed to the culture that sees men as strong, an issue that has led to many cases of men committing suicide.

“The culture has continued to affect men where the culture says they need to man up. But this should not be the case. Men should speak up,” he stated.

The Psychiatrist points out that to spot men with mental health issues a times is difficult.

But some of the symptoms include withdrawal from social amenities, Workaholics, change of behaviors, avoiding company that they used to enjoy etc.

He added that time is now for the boy child to be talked so as to help them understand how to deal with some challenges they might face as they grow up into men.

Peter King Mwania popularly known as Peter King has played role in the production of the Film ‘SHADOWS’.


The Kenyan actor and resident of Nakuru says the production has been made possible through team work involving Nakuru and Nairobi creatives who worked hard to come up with the Film.

He lauded Nakuru for having best talents that can make it to international.

“People love local content and we have tried with ‘SHADOWS’ but ensuring we have quality work from Nakuru to the World,” he stated.

The cast include Doctors, Engineers etc who have decided to perfect their talent through the Film.

Peter King also lauded the effort by County Government and senior talents for supporting the creative Industry.

He however challenged the creatives in Nakuru to unite and ensure they work on quality that can be showcased in Nakuru and the World.

“This is great Film and I think the county government and NGOs can support as this is a sector that helps create employment for our youth,” he said.

Adrian Opiyo- a young talent in the creative Industry on his part lauded WAPE for coming up with such initiative of supporting young people in the sector.

Sentiments echoed by Nakuru’s Jemima Asango- one of the characters in the film.

Nakuru’s Actress Jemima Asango during an interview at the launch of SHADOWS Film.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Asango says mental health issues on men continues to become an issue with many spouses not able to listen and help solve the issues.

“There is need to be there for our brothers and what they are going through. Men should be listened to. Let the society not press so much on them. A time is now that men should come out and talk,” she said.

She noted that Nakuru has a great talent but there is need to have a film industry in Nakuru.



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