Condemning the Political Hijackers of the Gen-Z Agenda

Gen Z movement Kenya

Three weeks ago, we witnessed the incredible power of the Kenyan Gen-Z community as we took to the streets and online platforms and achieved tremendous results in our fight against excessive taxation and a better future. Our passion, determination, and unwavering commitment to making a difference was nothing short of inspiring.

However, we must address a concerning development. Selfish political wannabes, driven by greedy ambitions, are attempting to hijack this noble agenda for their political gains. These well-known individuals have hired political noisemakers and keyboard warriors to masquerade as Gen-Z, pretending to champion justice while we know they are merely seeking to advance their dying political careers.

Let us be clear: the true Gen-Z movement was rooted in authenticity, integrity, and a genuine desire for positive change. Those seeking to exploit this noble movement for personal gain are just undermining the values and principles that drove its success.

These pretenders are nothing more than opportunistic charlatans, desperate for the spotlight and willing to trample on the hard work and dedication of the true Gen Z warriors. They lack the vision, the courage, and the genuine concern for our community that defines the real champions of this movement.

To the political wannabes and their hired noisemakers around the country, let it be known that your attempts to hijack this agenda are both laughable and pitiful. You may believe that you can fool the public, but the true Gen-Z activists and the wider community can see through your deceit.

We stand united in condemning these pretenders and reaffirming our commitment to the authentic Gen-Z agenda. The fight for justice, fairness, equality, and a better future will not be derailed by those who seek only to line their pockets and climb the political ladder.

The true voices of Gen-Z have proven they are dedicated to real change and the genuine spirit of this movement will prevail.

I call on true, genuine Gen-Zs to stay vigilant and strong. The power of Gen-Z lies in our authenticity and unity. We will not be swayed by those who seek to exploit our cause. Shame on them and may their schemes never succeed!

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