Comprehensive Sexuality Education key in ending Triple Threat-Lobby

Continuous sensitization of community on matters comprehensive sexuality Education CSE is key, reproductive health organizations and other stakeholders have stated.

They say this will go a long way in addressing Triple Threats(Teenage Pregnancies, HIV new infection and Sexual and Gender Based Violence) in Nakuru County.

Participants during a group photo after the workshop.PHOTO/COURTESY.

The stakeholders who spoke during a consultative meeting held in Nakuru on May 2, 2024 courtesy Women in Society Empowerment(W.I.S.E) in partnership with Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health(TICAH), reiterated the need for religious leaders, Teachers, Civil Society organizations among other stakeholders to work together in enhancing the CSE.

Mary Elias(Programmes Manager at TICAH) while facilitating the session challenged participants to spearhead conversations on the same.

She added that there is need for parents to have candid discussion with their children on matters comprehensive sexuality Education.

This, she said will help save a generation that she noted is vulnerable.

“As parents we need to have talk with our children. Gone are the days when Sexuality Education was taboo. With the current generation, we have to call a spade a spade and save our children,” she stated.

Frederick Omutiti Monitoring and Evaluation Associate TICAH has a word with Sofie from W.I.S.E. during the workshop held in Nakuru.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Sentiments echoed by Frederick Omutiti(Monitoring and Evaluation Associate).

Omutiti noted that young people are at high risk when it comes to Triple Threat.

He was however quick to note that with proper Comprehensive Sexuality Education, then the youth of this county and country shall be addressed.

On his part Kelvin Karuga from Nakuru Civil Society organizations called on stakeholders to ensure they create conducive environment for CSE in Nakuru.

According to him, this will enhance awareness and understanding of the importance and benefits of CSE in Nakuru.

Similar sentiments echoed by Sophie Hiuhu from Nakuru-based Women in Society Empowerment Organization(W.I.S.E).

She lauded the commitment made by stakeholders and participants at the meeting towards ending Triple Threat through enhanced Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

It is a meeting that also saw religious leaders in attendance vow to strongly support and champion for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) through initiating open conversations about sexuality and encouraging and supporting dialogues that promote CSE within their respective communities.

Teachers, religious leaders and the parents said they will support the work and initiatives of the county health team to address sexual gender-based violence in the community.

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