Autopsy reveals 3 Nakuru Sons succumbed to serious gunshot injuries sustained during anti-Finance Bill protests

Human Rights Defenders in Nakuru on Tuesday July 2, 2024 joined Families of 3 youth who succumbed to gunshot injuries during the anti-Finance Bill protests in Nakuru on June 25.

This, even as postmortem carried out at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital mortuary revealed that the trio Michael, Austin Onyiso and Kevin Madaga died due to excessive bleeding from the gunshots.
Speaking after witnessing the postmortem, representative of Independent Medical Legal Unit-IMLU in Nakuru David Kuria called out police for using excess force on peaceful youths who were exercising their constitutional rights.
He called on government to ensure protection of lives rather than ending the same.
Kuria who has been very vocal against extrajudicial killings in Nakuru wondered why such should happen at the watch of the government that has a mandate to protect her people.
He called on government to carry out investigations so that the perpetrators are brought to book and that the families are compensated.
“We are condemning this shoot to kill. Let Government be responsible and ensure justice for victims and families,” he stated.
Sentiments echoed by Dr.Magare Gikenyi who urged the government and the police to ensure Article 37 of the constitution is adhered to and that lives are protected.
According to the medic, the autopsy revealed that the three died of excessive bleeding from the gunshots wounds.
On his part David Karani Chairperson Association of Parents of Children with special needs.
He noted that it is sad that Austin who was autistic had to die due to gun shot.
“We urge the authority to ensure that these group of persons with special needs are protected whenever there is violence or unrest to avert loss of lives that can be protected,” he said.
The late Austin’s family led by Ruth Shikwe, called on President William Ruto to ensure he protects the lives of young people.
She noted that it was wrong for such lives of young people to be lost.
“Mbona tuwe na nchi ya maafa kwa watu wasio na hatia? We cannot have a country where innocent lives are lost during peaceful demonstrations,” she stated.
The late Austin’s family addressing Journalists outside Nakuru Level 5 Hospital mortuary.PRISTONE MAMBILI.

The family of late Michael also faulting the police for harassing young people.

It noted that the late had bullet in his abdomen hence no need to investigate but Government should take action.
The late Michael’s relative(in blue) addressing Journalists at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital mortuary.PHOTO BY PRISTONE MAMBILI.

The family now calling on government to be true to the promise it made to the young people.

“The government promised to take care of young people but what is happening is killing the young people who are protesting unarmed,” stated Mr.Mike Kihuga.

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