Wakabura: Refurbishment of community grounds key in shaping sports, talents

The refurbishment of community grounds is key in shaping talents among young people at grassroot level.

Nakuru-based Businessman Maina Wakabura says this is the way to go and leaders should take such seriously.

While lauding the refurbishment at famous  Kamukunji grounds in Nakuru East Constituency, Wakabura said such should be replicated to all Community grounds including Kimathi in Flamingo Ward and Kisulisuli in Biashara Ward.

“The refurbishment of Community grounds such as Kamukunji is also welcomed and should extend to Kimathi and Kisulisuli grounds to nurture the David Owino “Calabar” and John “Mo” Muiruri of the future,” he said.

He added that the ongoing refurbishment of the Afraha stadium will greatly boost sporting activities in Nakuru Town East and West.

Since time immemorial, players from these two areas have utilized the facilities in the main Stadium, Afraha B and Afraha C grounds.

According to Wakabura, investing in sporting activities provides a wide range of benefits that contribute to the physical, mental, social, and economic well-being of individuals and communities, besides, It fosters social cohesion, promotes health, drives economic growth, and enhances educational outcomes.

Additionally, sports can serve as a powerful tool for national unity and international diplomacy.

“By recognizing and supporting the multifaceted value of sports, societies can build healthier, more vibrant, and more connected communities,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Wakabura who has passion in matters charity work in society, also congratulated the phenomenal Junior Starlets for qualifying for the Fifa Under-17 Women World Cup Championship in the Dominican Republic in October-November this year.



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