Wakabura calls out police over ‘politically instigated summons’

Nakuru Businessman Maina Wakabura has called out police for what he termed politically instigated summons and arrests.

Wakabura says such have no room in the current dispensation where the rule of law reigns.

He called on police to adhere to the law and Police Act and avert unnecessary drama.

Wakabura was speaking on Tuesday July 2, 2027 after recording statement with DCI Nakuru.

The DCI had summoned him to their offices on allegations of “funding anti-finance bill protests” in Nakuru County.

“The allegations are not only malicious, spiteful, malignant,Treacherous, Pernicious but very frivolous and wicked as Gen Z have exercised their Constitutional rights under Article 37 to air their concerns on the Bill, an outcome commended by President Ruto, his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua, and all Kenyan leaders,” he stated.

He added, “While we continue commiserating with the families of those who lost their loved ones, property, and the injured, politically instigated summons and arrests are not the way to go.”

According to Wakabura, the heartbeat of a nation is felt most deeply when it’s people rise together, fueled by the desire for justice, equality and a brighter tomorrow.


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