Wakabura calls on Journalists, Politicians to ensure a cohesive nation

Nakuru-based Businessman and philanthropist Maina Wakabura has called on Journalists and the political class to play key role in ensuring a cohesive nation.

In a statement to Newsrooms, Wakabura pointed out that the two lots have a pivotal role in shaping conversations that can lead to cohesiveness.

According to him, the political intriguesmake Primetime News more of a comical relief due to exchanges between leaders across the board brought by heightened tension and Political chess games.

“Two Institutions play a critical role in these, Journalists and Politicians. They can help create a more informed, engaged, and cohesive society,” he stated.

Wakabura who has shown interest in the Nakuru Town East Parliamentary seat 2027, says if political class and Journalists can work in that manner then this will ultimately ease polarization and foster a more united country.

He added that this will also promote inclusive governance at all levels of government by developing and implementing policies that respond to the needs of the communities they react to hence cascading the same information to individuals not directly reached.

The Businessman believes that fostering economic equity and National identity also facilitates the reduction of economic vulnerabilities which are a root cause of social tensions which is effectively addressed through the promotion of National pride reemphasizing our shared values and common goals.


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