Over 500,000 Njoro residents benefit from NG-CDF funded water projects

As a way of fulfilling her promises to the electorates, Njoro Member of Parliament Charity Kathambi who is also the Patron Njoro NG-CDF has initiated several water projects across the Constituency.

The second term serving MP believes in transformation of the cosmopolitan constituency.

Her hardwork and commitment towards perfecting motherland makes the DEVELOPMENT ORIENTED RESIDENTS feel VERY Safe under her leadership.

Even though Water is devolved function under the county Government, the Lawmaker is continuously working towards achieving the goal of Universal access to water and dignified sanitation through friends and other development partners.

Tipis Water Project.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Here are some of the completed projects;
– Mukunguku solar water project and tank
– Tipis solar water project
– Kianjoya solar water project
– Ngwataniro solar water project
– Likia solar water project
– Nessuit solar water project
– Amani solar water project , Nessuit
– Maili tatu solar water project
– Ndeffo solar water project
– chorwet solar water project
– Tuiyotich Emma solar water project
– Taita solar water project
– Tegat water project
– mauche primary water project
– Uwanja ndege solar water project
– Chesoton solar primary water project
– Karia-ini solar water project
– Kamwaura solar water project among many others.

MP Kathambi during the commissioning of a water Project.PHOTO/COURTESY.

The completion of these water projects is a commitment to dignifying families at the grassroots.

More than 500,000 residents of Njoro constituency are now enjoying access to clean and safe water hence improving the quality of life.


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