Novelist Henry ole Kulet takes final bow


Nakuru-based Kenyan author Henry Ole Kulet, known for his insightful novels that vividly depict Maasai culture and traditions, passed away on Tuesday (16/02/2021) at Mediheal Hospital in Nakuru. He was 75 years old.

Ole Kulet leaves behind a literary legacy cherished by many literature enthusiasts who grew up engrossed in his wide range of books. Some of his notable works include “Blossoms of Savannah,” “Moran No More,” “To Become a Man,” “Maisha ya Hatari,” “Daughter of Maa,” “Vanishing Herds,” “Is it Possible,” “Elephant Dance,” and “The Hunter.”

Born in 1946 and raised in Enkare-Ngusur, Narok, Kenya, Henry Ole Kulet studied farm management at Egerton College and later worked at KFA in Nakuru. In 1987, he retired from agriculture, dedicating his retirement years to writing. During this time, he authored nine novels and ventured into business.


Henry ole Kulet
Henry ole Kulet and martin Gichinga at Nakuru knls Library 


Ole Kulet’s literary contributions have been widely recognized, earning him the prestigious Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature thrice. His works provide a captivating glimpse into Maasai society and offer profound commentary on broader social and political issues in Kenya.

Henry ole Kulet’s passing is mourned by his readers and by those who appreciate his role as a cultural ambassador for the Maasai people. His legacy as a celebrated author and cultural advocate will continue to inspire future generations.