Not yet off the hook for President Ruto as unionist calls out government to account for innocent lives lost

President William Ruto is not yet off the hook even after he decline to sign the Finance Bill 2024.

Opinion leaders and unionist are calling on the President to account for innocent lives lost during the peaceful protests against the Bill.

Former Secretary General of the Kenya Civil Servants Union and Current Member of the Presidential Advisory Board of the Republican National Committee, USA Dr.Isaac Newton Kinity has called out the Kenyan Government for what he terms is killing innocent Kenyan Youthful Protestors.

“It’s so disappointing that innocent Kenyan Youth who went out to express their feelings about faulty Finance Bill in accordance with constitution can be killed like animals by their own Government,” he stated.

As though adding insult into injury, Dr Kinity notes that the Kenyan Government with approval of Parliament has deployed KDF to deal with the Gen Z who are the Kenyan Youth. This is uncalled for and a great shame,” said Dr Kinity.

The former Union official noted that so far Gen Z is being supported by the all Kenyans in their fight against corruption which has been the monster of destruction of Kenya and lives of Kenya people.

According to him, Gen Z struggles are about saving the Workers from Agony following the unbearable taxation because some of the Gen Z are workers who have been made to suffer abnormally by the regime of President William Ruto.

While appreciating Gen Z, Dr.Kinity pointed out that all the Kenyan workers are included in the Generation struggles.

“I am praying hard to see total success of Gen Z in its current struggle of liberating Kenyans,” he said.

Meanwhile, he called on the Gen Z to release the name of their leader with immediate effect if they have any or appoint one immediately.

This, he says will help avert confusion in the ongoing liberations.

He was however quick to noted that the said leader should not be someone who can be easily bought with money, but rather a brave enough individual ready to sacrifice for the nation and for the Kenyan People.

Dr. Kinity has also appealed to President Joe Biden(USA) to condemn the killings of innocent Kenyans.

According to him, the ICC should also open a new case inorder to prosecute trigger police officers who opened firearm on innocent Kenyans.


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