Nakuru Hindu Council – Giving back to Community

Lions club of Nakuru

The Nakuru Hindu Council has been actively engaged in numerous social activities over the years. In the recent past, the community, led by chairman Shailesh Sheth has been undertaking human-centred activities especially since Covid-19 got into the country earlier this year.

Many deserving individuals and public institutions have benefitted through the provision of face masks, sanitisers, clothing and food. To help curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the Hindu Community in Nakuru in partnership with other organisations has also been carrying out fumigation exercises at various public places like police stations. This week, it was the community visited Mwariki Police Station in Mwariki and fumigated the entire premises.

This same week, the community in partnership with the Lions Club of Nakuru with the support of NTSA, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and the National Police Service conducted a road marking exercise at Section 58 in Nakuru. This is the first phase as they set out to mark bumps and pedestrian crossings. Other sections that were marked include the area around Masai Avenue and Central Police Station. The exercise is meant to reduce road accidents and make the roads safer for both motorists and pedestrians.