Nakuru Apps and Websites

NNakuru Websites and Apps

There are several apps and websites that serve the people and interests of Nakuru people.

The apps range from a diversity of fields ranging from General Information, News, Directory, Business services, Taxi hailing and government services among others.

While some of these apps are government or corporate-owned, there are also apps that are individually owned.

Below are some of the apps and websites serving the people of Nakuru and those planning to visit or invest in Nakuru.

Wasili App

Wasili Cabs AppThe Wasili App is the pioneer Taxi-hailing app in Nakuru. The App has revolutionized travel within and around Nakuru Town and has inspired many other developers to launch similar apps. It is still one of the most popular taxi-hailing apps in Nakuru and has also launched in Eldoret, Naivasha and Nyahururu.

Safiri App

Safiri Cabs appSafiri App is another popular Taxi-hailing app in Nakuru. Launched two months after the launch of Wasili, it was definitely inspired by the successes of Wasili. The number of installs is almost the same as those of Wasili but with a slightly lower rating. 

Ashley’s Events – Website

Ashley’s Events is a website that serves the events market in Nakuru and surrounding areas. The company prides itself as a unique full-service events company with a wide range of capabilities. Ashley’s Events provides Planning of Corporate, Weddings and personal parties, Catering Services and Supplies of Fresh produce and Interior Decor.

Famous Nakuru App

famous nakuru logoLaunched in May 2020, the Famous Nakuru App is a complement to the Famous Nakuru Website. The app provides information about Nakuru County in general and is an essential complement to residents looking for updates and information. 

Famous Nakuru Website

Famous Nakuru is an online platform serving the people of Nakuru and those with an interest in Nakuru. It is about the people, places, events and news from Nakuru. At Famous Nakuru, we pride ourselves in doing the best to keep you informed .. Read More

Nakuru App

Nakuru App is a mobile application aimed at linking customers and potential clients to service providers and sellers. With the application, accommodation, car hire and many other business services.

Nakuru County app

The app has the iCOMS which is an extension of the main ERP system. It is only available to Nakuru county staff, for use in their day to day activities like asset management, Performance Management, Approvals and Inquiries.


Flamingo Radio

Established in 2016, this is a web radio station that broadcasts from the city of Nakuru. The target audience of Flamingo Radio is the listeners ranging 15 to 35 years old.

Nakuru Water AppThrough the Nawassco mobile app customers are able to view their bills for the past 12 months and to pay their bills via M-PESA. They can also download bills and view their account statements for the past 6 months.
The Nawassco app has a SelfCare that lets customers directly contact the customer care team.


Wairia Nakuru City

This is a mobile app by MKU’s Dr. King’ori Wairia. The main objective of the app is to assess the socio-economic factors of households that influence the prevalence of bed bugs among the people of Nakuru Town. The app also helps to assess the prevalence of bed bugs infestation in households within Nakuru and the control strategies for bedbugs among other uses. 

Flexy Cabs

Flexy Cabs is yet another taxi-hailing app in Nakuru. Launched towards the end of 2018, the app’s popularity is way beyond the other two with installations just over 1,000. The unique aspect about this app is that users get to earn points when they ask for rides using the Flexy App. The app has plenty of positive reviews with an average of 4.5. 

Wasafi Cabs

Yet another Taxi-hailing app serving in Nakuru Town. The app was launched mid last year and has a thousand active installs with a rating of 4.1.

Gilanis app

Established in 1974, Gilanis Supermarket is one of the oldest supermarkets in Nakuru. It is the quintessential Nakuru brand that any Nakuru resident will relate with and it is a popular shopping joint for many residents for both wholesale and retail goods. 

The Gilanis Online Shopping app was launched in November 2019 and has over a thousand active installs. – website

This is the official website for Nakuru County Government. It has information about the county including downloads, tenders and job offerings.

Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company Ltd (NAWASSCO) is a corporate entity incorporated in September 2003 under the Companies Act CAP 486 of the Laws of Kenya. The County Government of Nakuru is the sole shareholder. It is made up of Board of Directors, Corporate Management Team, Senior Management, Supervisors and Unionsable Staff. The company supplies water and is responsible for the sewerage system in Nakuru town.
The website has information about the services, management, projects and the contacts of the company.

Nakuru Apps summary

Name Download
Rating Installs Launch
Wasili 18.12 3.7 100K+ 21/07/2018 09/07/2019
Safiri 18 4.1 10K+ 27/09/2018 10/06/2020
4.5 NA NA 8/05/2020 8/05/2020
7.4 4.7 1K+ 26/08/2018 6/02/2020
9.0 NA 50+ 15/09/2019 15/09/2019
6.9 5.0 100+ 3/10/2019 19/02/2020
Wairia Nakuru 5.6 NA 5+ 8/03/2020 8/03/2020
Flexy 8.9 4.5 1K+ 30/10/2018 20/01/2020
Jesus is
Lord Radio
9.7 4.8 10K+ 08/03/2019 06/05/2020
Wasafi 7.0 3.7 1K+ 25/06/2019 11/11/2019
Gilanis 29 3.2 1K+ 29/11/2019 16/12/2019
4.2 NA 100+ 11/09/2019 17/10/2019