MP Arama defends his YES vote on Finance Bill 2024

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has defended his decision to vote YES on Finance Bill 2024.

In an interview, Arama revealed that he voted YES to safeguard development for his Constituents, and refuted claims that MPs were bribed.

According to the Lawmaker, Finance Bill is crucial in enabling the Budget 2024/2025.

He argued that it is not logical to pass budget but fail to pass the Finance Bill.

“Failing to pass Finance Bill is like having a vehicle but then you don’t fuel it but expect it to move. A budget cannot be effective without Finance Bill,” he said.

On issues of taxation, Arama boldly called on Kenyans to pay taxes so as to enable the government deliver services.

Arama once again noted that he does not regret whatsoever on the decision he took to support the Bill, adding that he is ready for any consequences.

At the same time, the third term serving MP in Parliament lauded the Generation Zee for maintained peaceful demonstrations.

“They have a right to demonstrate as per the law as long as they maintain peace,” he stated.


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