Members of Kivumbini Ward Oversight WhatsApp Group hold party to mark 8 years of existence

Members of Kivumbini Ward Oversight WhatsApp Group on Saturday June 1,2024 held the first ever come together party to mark 8 years of existence.

This is a group started in May 2016 to help on matters oversight of projects in Kivumbini Ward.

According to Martin Lunalo, the group played key role in the first years of establishment.

He noted how they partnered with Civil Society Organizations to help ensure transparency in matters budget and projects implementation in Kivumbini Ward.

Lunalo was very clear that The aim of the meeting was to help members know each other and share a meal- an event that will be done annually.

He called on members to ensure that they play key role in ensuring matters of budget is key.

“Since inception of this group, we have done a lot. It’s the group that started the conversation on matters Community Health Volunteers to be recognized. A bill was drafted and it was taken to the national level. Conversations are on to ensure that the community health Promoters’ welfare is taken care of,” stated Lunalo.

Lunalo maintained that the group is not Political but just to help better services.

Sentiments echoed by Chris Musu who is also an admin of the group.

He recalled how he was in the then MCA Vitalis Okello’s office and the Oversight really played a key role in shaping society.

“I want to call on members to shun divisiveness but focus on oversight of not only the MCA but all the 6 elected leaders,” stated Musu.

Members led by Ms Elaine Aseyo lauded the group and the admins for ensuring continued engagements and ensuring members remain focused.

Sentiments echoed by Celestine Owino who noted that unnecessary comments and discussions should be avoided.

“Our focus should be in issues that help us as a community if Kivumbini Ward,” she said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mr Boaz who urged members to adhere to the initial agenda of the group.

Charles Okumu from the MCA’s Office called on members to be real on issues that mean good to the people.

Okumu stated that there is need to avoid unnecessary alarm on social media.

“Oversight will help us in office to deliver on our mandate,” he stated.

Kivumbini Ward MCA Neto Sakwa addressing during the meeting.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Sentiments echoed by MCA Neto Sakwa who reiterated his commitment to ensure a united Kivumbini Ward.

“As leaders we shall continue to ensure unity of purpose. I am ready for any advice from members of the group.Every opinion counts,” he said.

According to Sakwa, Kivumbini Ward Oversight WhatsApp Group is meant to enhance service delivery without infights.

Chief Jane Muthoni addressing members of Kivumbini Ward Oversight WhatsApp Group.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Area Chief Jane Muthoni appreciated the group.

She termed it a forum that will help the people and even the administrators in accessing information, and that it should also help with ideas on economic empowerment.

The local administrator however challenged the members to ensure sanity in the group.

“When the group started we had a lot of challenges. But I thank the admins for the work of ensuring they whip errand  members,” she stated.

On matters security, the Chief revealed that the group has helped address challenges facing the area.

She called on the people to continue working with the security agents towards secure society.

On matters illicit brew, the Chief stated that the government is very clear on second generation alcohol.

She called on those operating bars to ensure that no counterfeits or noise pollution.

On Cash transfer, the administrator urged beneficiaries who are yet to get information on the same to visit the relevant offices for guidance.

The Chief also used the event to urge parents to ensure all children are in school in line with Government’s policy on education.

“As administrators, we have assisted through writing a letter to even uniform shops so that some of our children can be assisted. We continue to work closely with the other offices such as MCA’s and MP’s towards the same,” she said.

Hon Neto Sakwa, Malichi and Rodgers during the meeting.

The event was also graced by Mr.Rodgers from office of Woman Rep, and Hon Malichi from Kaptembwa.

The leaders commended Kivumbini Ward Oversight WhatsApp Group members for their role in shaping leadership.



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