Meet Douglas Oucho, the man behind Electrolux Refrigeration and Electrical Services

When Mr.Douglas Oucho completed a course in refrigeration and Air conditioning at Kenya Polytechnic, he didn’t know he would later own a company that would transform the lives of many young people.

Douglas Oucho’s Workshop at GTZ.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
Through his company dubbed Electrolux Refrigeration and Electrical Services, Oucho has continued to shape lives of many young people in Nakuru.
Infact, he reveals that he has had many young people pass through his hands through internship and attachment.
Two young people whom he trained are now working in Canada.
Established and registered 24 years ago, through the company that deals in refrigeration and Air conditioning services, Mr. Oucho later established a stall at the Burma-Bondeni Germany Training Zone(GTZ) where he has also employed some young people.
Oucho at work in his workshop.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.
A step into the stall that serves as his workshop, you spot several refrigerators and Air conditioners belonging to various clients, that he is working on in terms of repairs.
Besides repairs, Oucho also deals in new installation of Air conditioners in vehicles and houses.
In an interview with this writer, he revealed that the work calls for discipline to win the trust of clients.
This is evident from the many calls he receives from clients who a times even call him for new installation in their houses.
“This is a great job that has enabled me take care of my family and I have no regrets whatsoever,” he noted.
He lauds Government’s efforts towards skills oriented education system that he says will go a long way towards job creation among young people.
The next time you have a refrigerator and Air conditioners that needs repair on needs new installation, feel free to reach out to Mr.Douglas Oucho via 0721333332.

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