Kimenderit Hill – Kalenjins Holy Hill in Nakuru

Kimenderit Hill

From a distance, the hill looks like a lump of ugali. The locals call it Kimenderit Hill but to everyone else, it is “Mlima Ugali.”

For generations, the ancestors of the Kalenjin community have met on the hill to pray to God and they believe that any prayer that is held there is answered is bound to be answered.

Martin Gicinga, a Nakuru-based journalist explains how he was once invited to witness a prayer meeting by the elders during a dry spell

“I went to the place wearing just a casual shirt due to the high temperatures but I was shocked to find the elders coming in heavy jackets and even umbrellas. Before we were halfway through, the weather changed and it rained really hard,” says the writer.

Prayers apart, many people who visit the place use it as a picnic site. There are usually several parties hiking to place every weekend and from atop the hill, one is treated to breath-taking panoramic views of Nakuru.

“From the top, you can literally see the whole of Nakuru town and most of the Lake. The view is awesome and worth the walk,” says Racheal Wanjiru a student from Nyeri who is in Nakuru on attachment.

“That is one site I would recommend to any person visiting Nakuru for the first time,” says Racheal.

The hill which is near Barut shopping centre in Barut Ward is considered holy ground by the Myot (Council of Kalenjin elders).

According to the outgoing Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kapkures ward Hon. Joseph Lang’at, the elders have sent a plea to Deputy President William Ruto to have a shrine put up on Kimenderit Hill for them.

“We held prayers here when the Deputy President HE William Ruto had a case in The Hague and the case was dismissed. Our ancestors have held prayers on top of this hill since time immemorial and we would like to set up a shrine here where we would be offering prayers,” says Hon. Joseph Lang’at.

Meanwhile, take a hike to Mlima Ugali and enjoy the panoramic view from the holy ground.