Kenya’s Coffee Conquer World Stage

In what signifies the tremendous progress that Ministry of Cooperatives has continued to make in the coffee subsector, Othaya based coffee producer, Chinga Farm, was voted number one in the just concluded World Coffee Competition (WCC) in South Korea.

Specifically, Chinga Farm took the top position in the K-Coffee Award, Winter-Spring Season (Washed), a no mean achievement.

“We hereby certify that the coffee farm has been evaluated to have outstanding quality and flavour potential in their Coffee Beans as ranked above at the K-Coffee Award, “World Best Coffee, 2024, which was a major event of the 2024 Coffee Festival in Nowon, the certificate awarded to Chinga Farm reads in part.

Co-operatives Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui says the award is another prove that the coffee reforms the government initiated last year are paying off and Kenya coffee is steadily reclaiming its position at the World Stage.

Currently, Chinga Farm has 17 factories with a total membership of 11, 000 small scale farmers.

The community in this region relies on coffee (and agriculture) as their main source of livelihood therefore, the award goes a long way to motivate them as well as cement Kenya’s position globally.

“Further, the Society is Fair-Trade Certified, which is helping in penetrating the world markets hence benefiting the community more,” added Chelugui.

According to the CS, the Kenya Kwanza administration identified coffee as one of the key value chains in the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) and, to this end, the ordinary farmers are central in the coffee reforms.

He said the Ministry we will continue to champion coffee reforms with a Guaranteed Minimum Return (GMR) target of Sh100 per kilo of Coffee Cherry.


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