How NACODA has continued to transform Dairy Sector in Nakuru

Nakuru County Dairy Platform (NACODA) has continued to empower Dairy farmers in various sub-counties of Nakuru.

Kenya Dairy Board Exhibition tent during this year’s Milk Day at Keringet. PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

This was revealed during this year’s Milk Day and exhibition held at Keringet in Kuresoi South, Nakuru County.

The event attracted over 40 exhibitors working in the dairy sector in Nakuru County.

Stephen Ogutu Obama(in NACODA Tshirt) during the exhibition.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Stephen Ogutu Obama from NACODA says since formation, the Platform has continued to enhance information to farmers to ensure increased quality production.

In an interview, Obama revealed that NACODA came into place after the Nakuru Dairy Regulations of 2020 was put in place.

Though there is the regulator of Dairy sector-Kenya Dairy Board, Obama states that NACODA that has several members in the dairy sector including co-operatives continues to reach out to farmers at grassroot level with information, education on how they can ensure quality feed to the Livestock.

During the Milk Day and exhibition held on May 30-31, 2024, farmers were taken through various learning process on feed, and how to take care of the animals.

This even as farmers were encouraged to ensure quality feed.

A launch of Artificial Insemination in Nakuru is a plus to the Dairy sector.

Obama calls on farmers to ensure that they embrace AI towards ensuring better breed and maintaining originality.

He urges dairy farmers to also register their breeds and this will ensure added value chain.

“Farmers should focus on quality feed, AI, plus visiting registered agrovets and this will boost production and economically empower farmers,” he said.

Sentiments echoed by NACODA Chairperson Waweru Nyangi.

According to Mr.Waweru, Dairy sector has great potential in Nakuru County.

“We want to ensure improved productivity in the dairy sector,” he stated.

He noted that AI will help bridge the gap even as farmers partner with private service providers.

According to Nyangi, 23 co-operatives societies in Nakuru will benefit from the launched AI services.

He added that NACODA shall continue to work closely with other stakeholders in ensuring quality production and economic empowerment for farmers in the dairy sector that has continued to transform livelihoods.

“As farmers we are committed towards dairy farming and we just call for continued support. We want to double the production moving forward,” he said.

He lauded the county government of Nakuru for the support, but called for the need to ensure improved infrastructure so that dairy farmers cannot suffer any more in reaching markets.

NACODA is also advocating for the youth to venture into dairy farming.

The event that was planned and coordinated by NACODA also saw various exhibitors among them Kenya Dairy Board, Brookside, KCC, Farming Systems Kenya, Equity Bank among others showcase their contribution to the sector.

Beth Mbuthia- Director Dairy Board while lauding NACODA for contribution in the sector, said the Board is working to ensure value chain.

This, she said will be achieved by ensuring purchase of milk from farmers.

“We have worked to ensure that we get milk from our own farmers and this will help boost value chain,” she said.

The Board is also sounding a stern warning to those still transporting milk in plastics that they risk being prosecuted.

Emmanuel Kabaki-General Manager in charge of Extension services at Brookside Dairy.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Emmanuel Kabaki- the General Manager in charge of Extension services at Brookside Dairy, on his side noting the need to continue supporting farmers at grassroot level.

He added that, as stakeholder in the sector, they will continue to work closely with farmers through NACODA in ensuring sustainability in the dairy sector.

According to him, there is also need for farmers to be trained on fodder and silage, as well as climate change smart agriculture.

“We are happy to see that our farmers are keen on trainings. We encourage them to embrace smart agriculture towards conservation of environment,” he stated.

Purity Njoroge-Programs Officer Farming Systems Kenya.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI.

Purity Njoroge-Programs Officer Farming Systems Kenya on her part calling on farmers to continue embracing dairy goat farming.

She revealed that goat milk has great potential and there is opportunity as long as farmers consider quality breeding.

The organization that was one of the exhibitors at the event, also noted that as an organization they have continued to work closely with farmers.

She urged farmers to also take good care of the donkeys that play key role in supporting dairy sector through transportation of water as well as milk to the market.

“Farmers should shun inbreeding. The Government should ensure that AI services reach all farmers especially in the dairy sector,” she stated.

Nakuru County had a production of 318 million liters of milk valued at 13.9 billion shillings last year from an estimated population of 466,800 herds of cattle.

It is projected that the value of raw milk produced in the County will increase by about 22 percent in the next three years to over 16 billion shillings.

This is according to statistics from the county government of Nakuru’s Agriculture docket.

Agriculture CECM Leonard Bor has assured farmers that the county will continue to support the dairy industry since it directly employs 120,212 farm families, supporting over 500,000 people.

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