Dundori (Ndunduri) Gwa Kiongo Centre in Nakuru

Donkeys in Dundori

Dundori Centre is a small town 25 KMs from Nakuru Town. It is also known as Ndunduri or Gwa Kiongo by locals. It is a famous centre that lies at the crossroads of three roads. The road from Nakuru, from Nyahururu and from Ol’kalou.

The centre is famous for extra-large chapatis and mandazis. Many people who have not visited this place consider it a backward place but the impression is trashed the moment one visits.

The people who live here are mostly farmers. The area produces in high quantities milk, potatoes and the people are known as hardworking.

Photos of farm produce from Dundori

Below are some photos of the famous trading centre. The trading centre is in Dundori Ward, Bahati Sub-County in Nakuru County.

The trading centre is served by good roads from the three Counties of Nakuru, Nyandarua and Laikipia. Due to the productive lands, the area is a source of plenty of foodstuffs consumed in Nakuru Town.

Almost all the essential services will be found here. There are hospitals, Primary and secondary schools and also a polytechnic.

The weather is cold compared to the rest of the Bahati Sub-County due to its vicinity to Dundori Forest. In colonial times, it was one of the preferred settlements for the colonialists and it was part of the White Highlands.

One of the famous settlers was Hector Rowcliffe Munro who had settled here in 1936. He was a pyrethrum farmer and had built a two-storey house using Italian prisoners-of-war.

In December 2003, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources issued a directive to suspend all forest-related activities within the country. This came as a huge blow to former forest workers in Dundori Forest who were forced to move their cattle from the forest and settle in Gwakiongo Centre as squatters. The squatters had lived in the forest since 1974.

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