County Government of Nakuru moves in to address concerns of swollen dams in Turi

The County Government of Nakuru has announced measures aimed at addressing concerns raised by residents of Turi in Molo Sub county concerning dams in the area amidst the heavy downpour.

The residents had earlier this week raised their fears over swelling of dams that might burst and cause chaos.

But in a statement to Newsrooms, the county government has mobilized resources to create a spillway at Kwa Njane and Inooro dams, in Turi Ward, Molo Subcounty.

This will allow water to flow freely over the dam, safeguarding residents from potential risks caused by the swollen dams.

The spillway will act as the main area of water release from the dams, following recent surge in water levels that had raised concerns among authorities and residents alike, prompting urgent action to prevent any adverse consequences.

Through the co-ordinated efforts to address the issue head-on, excess water will now flow safely to an existing culvert, significantly reducing the risk of flooding and reducing the anxiety of nearby communities.

The statement further stated that the county government of Nakuru through the Leadership of Governor Susan Kihika remains vigilant in safeguarding the welfare of all residents, especially during the environmental challenges thus preventing potential disasters.

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