BURN Manufacturing donates Institutional stoves, food to flood victims in Nairobi

BURN Manufacturing (BURN), the world’s leading clean cookstove manufacturer, distributor, and carbon offset project developer, has donated six ECOA institutional clean cookstoves and dry foods to feed over 2,000 people/per day affected by the ongoing floods in the country.

The 200-liter institutional cookstove, designed to prepare bulk meals of up to 200 kgs, will facilitate the preparation of meals for hungry displaced families in Mathare and Mukuru Kwa Reuben areas of Nairobi.

Currently, the victims are housed in 4 different camps within the two areas of Nairobi where 6 kitchens operate round the clock to ensure meals are prepared on time.  The kitchens have been struggling to cope with the high demand, often leading to long waiting times and inadequate food distribution.

The improved cookstove offers significant benefits, including up to 90% reduction in firewood consumption and the flexibility to use either firewood or briquettes, making it a cost-effective and versatile option for institutions.  The stoves have a thermal efficiency rating of 65% and can boil 200 Litres in 52 minutes.

The devastating impact of heavy rains in Kenya has caused more than 257 deaths and over 293,661 people displaced to date.

BURN CEO, Peter Scott stated, “After the floods, people across Kenya are suffering from hunger. We need to bring cooked meals to these families immediately. BURN will continue to manufacture and deliver these institutional stoves and dried food, and with more partners coming on board, we will expand our reach and impact even further. So proud of my team for bringing both cookstoves and food to families in need”.

Mathare Social Justice Centre Coordinator, Wanjira Wanjiru said, “We are extremely grateful for the solidarity that BURN has shown us and for standing with our community. With these stoves, we will be able to provide 3 meals per day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our 6 community kitchens here in Mathare. The need is great: we need food, warm clothes, diapers, pads for the women. We hope to have more partners come on board to support”.

Since its launch in 2013, BURN has delivered over 4.5 million stoves across Africa, all produced in our Kenya Manufacturing facility. It has impacted over 4.2 million lives, helped families save more than $520 million on fuel costs, and saved 6.9 million tons of wood to date.

BURN operates two factories in Kenya, with a capacity to manufacture more than 400,000 stoves per month, and employs more than 2,500 factory and field staff.

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