BREAKING NEWS: Fyah Mummah Njambi Koikai has passed on

Reggae Queen Njambi Koikai has passed away.

Njambi Koikai commonly known as Fyah Mummah among her fans passed on while undergoing treatment at a Nairobi health facility.

Some years ago Njambi made public that she was suffering from Endometriosis.

This is a condition whereby the uterine lining thickens and breaks down with the menstrual cycle.

Because the tissue has nowhere to go, it accumulates forming lesions which cause pain.

The severe pains that most endometriosis patients experience are caused by retention of menstrual blood in the abdominal cavity.

When one is having their periods instead of the blood coming out normally it goes back through the tubes into the abdominal cavity.

Endometriosis has no cure but can be managed.

For many years, Njambi continued to live her best life, with a career as a DJ and entertainer, using her skills to positively transform the lives of many young people in Kenya.

The news of her death has been received with shock among reggae enthusiasts, her friends and fans.

Media guru Philip Itale took on his social media platform terming the death as a shock

“I am gutted beyond expressions.
Fare thee well my friend, sister and just best friend Fyah Mummah Jahmby Koikai,” he wrote.

Etale recalled the moments that he interacted with the deceased.

According to Etale, Njambi had the beautiful smile and joyful conversations.

“That beautiful smile, the phone calls we had talking about many things including our days at KBC back in the day, your mastery of Maragoli language and the jolly moments you shared with those you knew. You had a big family, just a big one… go well my friend,” he stated.


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