Azimio leaders condemn police for using force against protestors

The death of Rex Masai has sparked reactions from Kenyans demanding justice for the family.

Azimio leaders have also joined Kenyans in condemning the use of force by police during anti-Finance Bill 2024 demonstrations.

Addressing Press on Friday June 21, 2024, Azimio Principal Kalonzo Musyoka said it was shameful that police had to end the life of young Rex Masai for exercising his constitutional right under Article 37 of  Constitution.

“Rex, along with hundreds of thousands of other members of Generation Z, had assembled in Nairobi’s streets. He braved the cold front to hold up a placard and join in a protest song against the Kenya Kwanza regime. Rex, like all his comrades, was peaceful, unarmed and non-violent. But he was senselessly gunned down by a police bullet.This is a tragic event with far-reaching consequences,” stated Kalonzo.

He added that Azimio Coalition is extremely disturbed by Rex’s fatal shooting.

The Coalition has vowed to stand with Rex, his family, and his comrades, but called on government agencies to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

“We pledge to offer all the help required in seeking answers and justice. We demand that these perpetrators of police brutality be arrested and charged with murder in a court of law,” read the statement.

According to the Coalition, it is evident that there is a big problem with security officers, as these tragic shootings are not isolated events.

“Not long ago, when Kenyans marched for Maadamano, 75 people were killed because certain police officers opted to fire live bullets into the peaceful crowds. This is the return of a police force instead of a police service contrary to our Constitution,” stated Kalonzo.

In view of the recent happenings, Azimio is now demanding that Inspector General Japheth Koome and Nairobi Regional Commander Mr. Adamson Bungei  immediately tender their resignations for failing to protect the peaceful demonstrators.

The Coalition is also demanding that the Director of Public Prosecution bring charges against Koome, Bungei, and their rogue officers for the murders of Rex and the 75.

“All Kenyans live matter and to our police service just know that one day you will be held accountable for all the lives lost,” they stated.

The Coalition is also demanding that all protestors detained illegally by state security agencies be released immediately and unconditionally.

On the issue of Finance Bill 24, the Coalition has lauded 115 members of the National Assembly who voted to reject the Bill.

“They stood in solidarity with the majority of Kenyans who have used all platforms available, to categorically Say No! to the punitive and irredeemable Bill,” stated Kalonzo.

The Coalition has however slammed 204 MPs who voted in favour of the Bill.

According to Azimio, such is a lot of traitors who have betrayed Kenyans.

“They stood against the Nation. They are the TRAITORS and the exemplification of the biggest betrayal to Kenyans. They are their generation’s personification of the homeguards who helped the foreign colonials occupy our country and enslave our people from 1895 up until we gained our independence in 1963.To the 204 traitors, Kenyans know your names, your homes, your relatives, your businesses and your mobile phone numbers. More importantly, they will use ALL CONSTITUTIONAL MEANS AVAILABLE to eject you from the House,” stated Kalonzo.

The coalition has urged all Kenyans whose Members of Parliament voted for the Finance Bill to begin the process of their Recall.


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